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NFL Playoffs 2010

With an hour to spare, here are my predictions for this year’s playoffs. In short, Vikings + Favre = Super Bowl Win.

NFL Playoffs 2009

4 comments to NFL Playoffs 2010

  • My picks were the same. May I recommend we both stick to our day jobs? It appears Divination is not our subject.

  • joel

    that is a really good idea. i was (understandably) excited after the first playoff game finished, with a perfect 1 for 1 record. but it was all downhill after that. on the bright side, some teams that I actually wanted to win did, even against my predictions (ravens, cardinals). did you happen to make your predictions public? if not, well done.

  • I did not make the picks public. Football is my one purely emotional decision-making pursuit, something that is perhaps as unhealthy as it is inaccurate. So I’m not so much rooting for any teams as I am rooting against certain teams. Rah rah let’s go not-Cowboys and not-Chargers, let’s go!

  • […] Playoff Update Last week, I correctly predicted one game out of four. This week, I will make up for […]

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