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2010 Wish List

Suddenly the days are getting longer and the air feels different and it’s time for epic bike rides again. Or at least time for planning them. Here are some rides I would love to do this year:

Bay Trail

I started on an attempt to cover the entire 500-mile San Francisco Bay Trail back in 2006, and it’s time to close the loop, literally, and finish. The last remaining portion is from San Francisco north to San Rafael, Novato, and across to Vallejo, which should be a reasonable 1-day ride. Assuming no cross-country bike-portaging is required.

Tour of California

Last year’s tour devolved into a northern and central california tour de force of winter weather, with the majority of the days taking place in constant rain, wind, and general misery. The organizers realized that February is probably not the month to race a bike, a sentiment which I was thankful as california stormed its way through the month this year, and scheduled this year’s tour for May. I would love to ride the routes of Stage 2 (Davis to Santa Rosa – 109 miles), Stage 3 (SF to Santa Cruz – 113 miles), or Stage 4 (San Jose to Modesto – 121 miles). Except for the fact that they’re all well over 100 miles. But they would certainly count as epic rides.

Nicasio Valley

I have heard amazing things about the ride from San Rafael through Lucas Valley and Nicasio to Point Reyes and back. And a certain Bovine Bakery in Point Reyes. I’ve driven through the area a little, but I think it’s time to see it from a bike.

Mt. Diablo

This one is pretty straightforward – ride to the summit (at 3,864′) of Mt. Diablo. I have attempted this previously with a ride that started in Berkeley, summited the first layer of east bay hills, and traversed 30+ miles prior to reaching the base of Mt. Diablo, at which point I promptly turned around and came back rather than attempting a 1.5-hour climb. This year, clearly I will need to start the attempt closer to the base.

Woodside to Pescadero

This is a ride I have done portions of, but not the whole thing. Starting in the densely populated peninsula south of San Francisco, climb to the top of the not insignificant coast range, then descend through miles of redwood forest with almost no human activity to the sleepy coastal town of Pescadero. Then, if you have to, turn around and go back.

Mt. Hamilton

Pretty much the same kind of ride as Mt. Diablo, but in a different county with different views and a little more elevation (4,200′).

Napa to Sonoma

There are quite a few options for this ride, but main idea is to spend some time in both counties and cross the mountains between them. And take pictures along the way.

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