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WordPress 3.0

Ah, the pleasures of having your own site. On Thursday, I downloaded the latest version of wordpress (2.9.2) to install over the weekend. After spending a couple hours on the install this morning, and troubleshooting to get things to work, I finally logged in and was greeted with the cheery message “WordPress 3.0 is available. Please upgrade now.” !!!! After weeping and gnashing my teeth, I did the whole thing over again. So to make all of that effort seem worthwhile, here I am, blogging about…nothing really.

But I do love some of the “upsets” going on in the world cup these days. England settles for a tie with the U.S. AND Algeria. New Zealand holds world champion Italy to one goal and a tie. Switzerland beats Spain, and Serbia beats Germany. If you’re not watching, you should be.

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  • I’ve been trying to watch all the U.S. and Italy games (though I did miss the first half of today’s Italy-New Zealand match; apparently for soccer I’ll skip work, but not yoga–?). I guess I’ll blog about it sometime…

  • Joel

    I also missed the first half of today’s game, but that was only for sleep, which is sort of like yoga for me. Ok, maybe not. Happy watching-hopefully the games will just keep getting better!

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