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Fall, Rain

As if on cue, fall has arrived with rain in tow. Important things are happening, nonetheless:

  • the Seahawks are winning
  • Bill Clinton is in town
  • someone important is almost walking
  • and our dog has finally found a comfortable pillow
  • 2 comments to Fall, Rain

    • Teachiro

      Huge win for the Seahawks on the road, and it was nice for them to give Chicago fans a glimpse of hope by kicking it to Hester.

      Also, I’m glad to see you’re with me in declaring the daughter as an almost-walker as opposed to my more optimistic wife.

      Finally, it’s good to know that life is sweet for the Ike Dog.

    • Joel

      oh man, when I saw Hester run it back, I thought the bears were going to make a comeback!

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