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The Upside of Engineering

In what was one of the most incredible showings of humanity for the opening of a bicycle & pedestrian path anywhere in the U.S., hundreds of cyclists – and hundreds more walkers and elected officials – showed up on a Friday afternoon to cut the ribbon on the long-awaited Cal Park Tunnel in Marin County, California.

Although I’m not sure that streetfilms’ hype is really accurate (is hype ever accurate?), it was exciting to go last Friday down to the Cal Park Tunnel for the opening of a project I’ve been working on since I “became” an engineer in 2007. (I think maybe I became an engineer when I was born, but I didn’t start doing it vocationally until recently.) This project’s colorful history during the design phase is probably not something I should really blog about, so I won’t. But I will embed this awesome video of the opening:

Other interesting articles are here and here.

As of a couple weeks ago, I’ve started working on another multi-year project to run trains through the tunnel!

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