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Weekly Best Reads 002

Last week’s best reading:

The Smallest County in the U.S. – Can you guess where the smallest county in the U.S. is? Here’s a hint: you can only reach it by donkey or boat. (Ken Jennings for Conde Nast Traveler)

Income Inequality and Mass Transit – I love this aspect of the internet, the ability to create interactive, data-driven graphs, maps, etc. Check out this mashup of household income around each transit station in the Bay Area. (@dangrover and @mikez)

I Want To Be The Slow Money – Great opinion piece on what good investors do in the face of perennial information overload. Basically, don’t try to be faster than everybody else, because that is utterly impossible. (Ivan Hoff)

What A Stupid Idea – This. In case we needed more evidence, pessimists (or the pessimistic part of ourselves) do not make the world. (Dustin Curtis)

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