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Weekly Best Reads 008

Some of these are pretty long, but they’re all the best. Every last one of them.

The Pixar Theory – This might be the ultimate Theory Of Everything. Jon Negroni posits that all Pixar movies come from the same universe, and are actually all part of one story, maybe even with a moral. (Jon Negroni)

Protestants parading around… – Onion-style article ripping the 12th of July parade in Northern Ireland, and, really, all holidays ever. (the daily mash)

Ever Rethinking The Lord’s Prayer – Who says science and religion can’t agree? Lots of people, I guess, but R. Buckminster Fuller isn’t one of them. (Maria Popova for Brain Pickings)

The Road To Resilience: How Unscientific Innovation Saved Marlin Steel – Innovation doesn’t always have a fancy touchscreen or a higher connection speed, but it does always involve thinking outside the box. (Charles Fishman for Fast Company)

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