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Starting Out

SFO is amazing. From the intersecting sets of double runways with a constant stream of takeoffs and landings, to the upgraded interior, with a “napa farms market” in terminal 2 offering kara’s cupcakes, mini-macaroons, and natural spring water bottled very nearby, at mt. palomar, san diego county.  (Wait, how do they still have water in this drought?) 

Most amazing to me, though, are the nonstop destinations. Within an hour of my takeoff to LAX, planes leave SFO for Munich, Tokyo Haneda, Auckland, and Wuhan, China, otherwise known as the Chicago of China, evidently. 

Sticking closer to home, I could also fly to Monterey, Fresno, Redding, or Arcata.  

But tonight, I start with a short hop to LA where I can grab a flight from North America to South, across the equator, to a city with a cool, coastal climate not unlike the Bay Area, from what I hear. I’ll find out for sure tomorrow.

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