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On Success

Sometimes I get sucked in to thinking that success comes quickly, could be reflected in a facebook timeline or described in 140 characters, or is “easy”. But then the other day I happened upon a cyclist on Strava, the excellent ride- and stat-tracking site that I use to track exactly how infrequently I actually get […]

Trains & Bicycles

It was hard to say goodbye to Munich after just a couple days, but we had to, so we did. Our real train trip of the vacation took us to Salzburg, traveling 90 miles at about 90 mph most of the way!

Upon arriving in the legendary burg, this was one of the first […]

2010 Wish List

Suddenly the days are getting longer and the air feels different and it’s time for epic bike rides again. Or at least time for planning them. Here are some rides I would love to do this year:

Bay Trail

I started on an attempt to cover the entire 500-mile San Francisco Bay Trail back in […]

A Change of Weather

I don’t know exactly why, but sometimes I get a strong desire to ride my bike pretty much as far as I possibly can in a day, preferably on new roads or routes, and ideally not alone. Last Sunday, those three things met in one good, crazy, challenging, and insanely hot bike ride from Berkeley […]