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The Sickness

I guess this about sums it up:

The flu is currently “widespread” throughout pretty much the entire country (except, of course, Hawaii). Somehow, this helps me feel slightly better about being sick.

The Great Epic Train Trip of 2010

For Thanksgiving this year we traveled to Southern California to be with family. But instead of doing the 1-hour flight (with the requisite 2-hrs early to the airport, naked-body-scanning/junk-touching rigamarole), or the 7-hour drive on I-5 (passing in the slow lane, slowing in the fast lane, miles and miles of driving boredom), we decided to […]

Typical January Day

Bay Area – 1:15pm

Eastern WA – 1:15pm (click photos to enlarge)

Maps and Votes

This is one reason why I love maps – they convey huge amounts of information efficiently. Take, for example, the following maps:

The first is fairly self-explanatory, and it appears to show clear regional divides within America in regard to who should be president.

This map shows results by county, and a much […]