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Plants, Cars, and the Irish

Today’s top three interesting articles:

1) A doctor who advocates for whole-plant treatment. 2) GM goes public, with a stunning turnaround in 18 months. 3) Ireland crisis: Banks’ fault, China’s benefit?

Maps and Votes

This is one reason why I love maps – they convey huge amounts of information efficiently. Take, for example, the following maps:

The first is fairly self-explanatory, and it appears to show clear regional divides within America in regard to who should be president.

This map shows results by county, and a much […]

How You Should Vote*

If you live in California like I do, you know that we have an outstanding number of things to vote on this year. (If you don’t, you’re probably enjoying reading this while watching frost form or a nor’easter whip through your neighborhood. On the positive side, at least the value of your home is likely […]

there’s a special place for israel in heaven…

Finally got around to watching the SNL VP debate. It is amazing!


I used to be a Republican. I know, these days that admission may get me in trouble with one camp on the count of ‘backsliding’ and with another camp for the simple fact that I voted for Bush. (To clarify, I only did so the first time around) Believe me, very few feel more guilty […]

Another Bit Of Pollan

“…the promise of global capitalism, much like the promise of communism before it, ultimately demands an act of faith: that if we permit the destruction of certain things we value here and now we will achieve a greater happiness and prosperity at some unspecified future time.” What things is he talking about? Trust, transparency, community, […]