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yerba buena, an island halfway between oakland and san francisco (some would say halfway between heaven and hell, though which one is the latter is a matter of serious debate) does little besides house the world’s largest bore tunnel (really?) and some high $$$ real estate. today, though, things got crazy on the island. i won’t restate the news, but i will add that the smoke extended well into oakland and emeryville, and the traffic was bad enough that caltrans superseded their normal time-to-destination readings on signs with a message specifically about the brush fire. fire crews had to close (at least) one lane on each deck of the bridge for firetrucks, but it sounds like the fireboat really saved the day since the side of the island with the fire was basically unreachable by road. i point this out because i don’t think fireboats really get the attention they deserve. they have an (almost) unlimited water supply!

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