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On Success

Sometimes I get sucked in to thinking that success comes quickly, could be reflected in a facebook timeline or described in 140 characters, or is “easy”. But then the other day I happened upon a cyclist on Strava, the excellent ride- and stat-tracking site that I use to track exactly how infrequently I actually get […]

C. S. A.

CSA involves prepaying a local farmer to get weekly deliveries of fresh produce, and we just started with a local farm, Riverdog Farm. Each week, we get a full box of whatever is in season delivered to a location near us. In the last two weeks, we have gotten turnips, kale, chard, tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, […]

real real estate

Having just moved, I’ve been reading the local paper to try to get to know the place. Today, these are the first entries listed in the real estate section:

Exhibit A Exquisite and elegant Napa Valley view estate designed by renowned architect Cliff May for Robert Mondavi. The design invites lush Napa Valley gardens into […]


Saw this ad on BART tonight, and it reminded of my long-time dream to visit all the destinations I could conceivably travel to nonstop from one airport. Ideally, the airport in question would be SFO, but I think the list of nonstops from SFO would be counted in hundreds, if not thousands. So that […]

Business Writing 101

I got a letter today from the State of California which began as follows: Dear Gentleperson:

How did they know?


Today’s spot from the breakfast table is Treasure Island, and more specifically the huge hangar on the southeast corner of the island.

As it sat gleaming in the sun this morning, I couldn’t help wondering what it is used for these days. Evidently it (and the entire island) was built for the 1939 […]

Viewing Capability

Even though it sounds like bragging (and it may well be, although before you envision me living in a mansion on a hilltop, let me clarify that the cottage is, at most, 400 square feet, and one room is practically uninhabitable because it has carpet on the walls!), I have to talk about how amazing […]