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Weekly Best Reads 007

After a couple amazing weeks in Europe and a long, jet-lagged 4th of July weekend, Weekly Best Reads is struggling to recover its mojo. Luckily, there were still a few great reads from the last few weeks:

Mysterious Radio Bursts Come From Outside Our Galaxy – Seriously, what are these? (John Timmer for Ars Technica)

Uncovering The Mystery Behind An Atlantic Tsunami – Filed under “another strange happening in the universe,” the Atlantic seaboard experienced a tsunami last month with no apparent cause. (Bradley Campbell for Rhode Island Public Radio)

Coffee and Tea In NYC – You know I can’t go a week (or three) without a link to a cool map. This weeks maps the density and brand penetration of coffee and tea shops in the city. (Andrea Moore for NYCEDC)

The Tesla Bubble Visualized – It is really amazing what Tesla the company has accomplished in the last 12 months, but it is truly astounding what the Tesla stock has risen to in that same time period. Possibly the biggest game of hot potato ever. (Vconomics)

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