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Weekly Best Reads 004

This week’s list is a little shorter, with New York as a common theme.

Goodbye To All That – Having lived in New York briefly in my mid-20s nearly 50 years after the author did the same, I am amazed with how deeply this piece resonated with my experience there, especially my sense at the […]

Weekly Best Reads 003

Last week was the Tour of California, so you probably didn’t have much reading time. Luckily, I kept a short list of last weeks best reads for you:

Welcome, Robot Overlords – Want to guess who’s going to come out on top in the battle between Capital and Labor? You might want to put your […]

Weekly Best Reads 002

Last week’s best reading:

The Smallest County in the U.S. – Can you guess where the smallest county in the U.S. is? Here’s a hint: you can only reach it by donkey or boat. (Ken Jennings for Conde Nast Traveler)

Income Inequality and Mass Transit – I love this aspect of the internet, the ability […]

Weekly Best Reads 001

Here are the best things I’ve read in the last week, in no particular order:

The Depositor Haircut – The sad, twisted path to the economic collapse in Cyprus runs through Greece, Russia, the ECB, and none other than Slobodan Milosevic. And if you think only “bad russian mobsters” got their money wiped out, think […]