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Photo from the year 2028

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Credits: jgombarcik, MartinB, M Phatik, and Todd Tankersley

Wired Magazine


Saw this ad on BART tonight, and it reminded of my long-time dream to visit all the destinations I could conceivably travel to nonstop from one airport. Ideally, the airport in question would be SFO, but I think the list of nonstops from SFO would be counted in hundreds, if not thousands. So that […]

WordPress 3.0

Ah, the pleasures of having your own site. On Thursday, I downloaded the latest version of wordpress (2.9.2) to install over the weekend. After spending a couple hours on the install this morning, and troubleshooting to get things to work, I finally logged in and was greeted with the cheery message “WordPress 3.0 is available. […]