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Madre de Dios

762 days after my last post, it’s time to fire up this blog again! The occasion? Well, it’s not as if nothing of significance has happened over the last two years. Quite the opposite: our family has doubled its number of children (from one to two, but doubling may still be understating the impact), survived being in close proximity to a 6.0 earthquake last summer, and moved from a cozy and complete condo to a house that we decided to significantly remodel during and after we moved in last fall.

All these events have certainly been blog-worthy, except no time! So, to the present: I’m traveling to Peru with Engineer’s Without Borders soon, and I want to document the trip in something more than status updates. Please, if you’re still reading, shake the dust off your RSS reader, go back in time to the world where blogs were king (requires a precise time machine, i know), and enjoy my attempts at sharing my experiences inside the (water pipe) trenches in the high Andes!

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