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The Great Epic Train Trip of 2010

For Thanksgiving this year we traveled to Southern California to be with family. But instead of doing the 1-hour flight (with the requisite 2-hrs early to the airport, naked-body-scanning/junk-touching rigamarole), or the 7-hour drive on I-5 (passing in the slow lane, slowing in the fast lane, miles and miles of driving boredom), we decided to […]

Plants, Cars, and the Irish

Today’s top three interesting articles:

1) A doctor who advocates for whole-plant treatment. 2) GM goes public, with a stunning turnaround in 18 months. 3) Ireland crisis: Banks’ fault, China’s benefit?

the anti-drudge

I remember the day Obama was sworn in, the drudge report headlined with a photo of the latest dow jones industrial average chart, with the line “Cold Start On Wall Street”. This annoys me mostly because it’s not an accurate assessment of the association between politics and wall street. It also annoys me because it […]

Health Insurance 101

It’s open season for health insurance selection at my job, and I got this awesome blurb in an e-mail today:

Although you may be taking a prescription that prevents a condition (e.g., heart attack), the drug is not considered a “Preventive Drug” unless it is on the Preventive Drug List.

That is just awesome […]