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The Book Year in Review

Thankfully, I did not have a reading list for 2011, because there’s no doubt I would have failed to even come close to completing it. However, I did get through a few books this year, most of which were worth reading, and a few of which could be considered life-changing. They are (with minor spoilers):


Liveblogging my workday

Most days, I leave work with a fairly high stress level and a sense that I didn’t get “enough” done. So today I’m writing everything I do, in painful detail, to hopefully get some traction on where my time is actually going. Hope it’s not too boring.

4:57 – time to meet and greet. should […]


Last week I said goodbye to The Jeep. It deserves, at least, a good eulogy.

Early History The Jeep entered (its 2nd, or 3rd, or ???) life in 2004 for the sole purpose of moving from WA to NY. Sitting on a used car lot along the highway between College Place and Milton Freewater with […]

On Applying Myself

My last few months have been consumed with applying, practicing, auditioning, and begging* for graduate school in music. I’m finally done. While most people might view this as a perfect opportunity to take a break from extracurricular activities, I completely disagree with this approach and have found innumerable other worthy pursuits. For example, last night […]


The beginning of something new is always exciting. Tonight involved the “5-minute install” of wordpress, followed by the “3-hour troubleshooting of plugins” that, truth be told, I probably brought on myself by trying to build this site in one evening. Nevertheless, here it is, a beginning.