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Bay Bridge Pain

In case you haven’t heard yet, the Bay Bridge is closed. This has made for insane traffic over the last three days, as well as record-setting BART ridership. I think I can safely say we are in a second Great Depression, as we have now returned to the early 1930’s where there was high unemployment, […]

TS Melor

Wonder how many acre-feet of rain are hitting the ground right now…


Even though I’m a traffic engineer, I still have no idea how or where google gets this kind of detailed traffic info on local streets:

I mean seriously, is telegraph really backed up in only one direction between Elmwood and Temescal at this moment?

I think they may have installed their own sensors, or […]

$1.27 Trillion

Forbes recently published an updated list of the 400 wealthiest Americans. Not surprisingly, many of them have lost billions of dollars over the last year or two, but they still have a staggering amount of wealth. The list piqued my statistical curiosity, and led me to the following observations:

Youngest Member – At 25, Mark […]