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Bay Trail – Part 4

Today’s ride was a continuation of my quest to complete the Bay Trail, 400 miles of trail/road around both the San Francisco Bay and the North Bay.

Segment: San Francisco to Fremont Mileage: 56.7 mi today/198.8 mi total Travel Time: 4 hrs 27 min Average Speed: 13.0 mph

Counties Visited: San Francisco, San Mateo, Alameda […]

Man vs. Wild (and Machine!)

Yes, on Friday I took on not only the wild, in the form of mountains, sun, ghost towns, and traffic, but also the machine, namely my bike, in a battle of wills that any normal person would have told me could only culminate in victory for the wild and the machine and defeat for me. […]

On Applying Myself

My last few months have been consumed with applying, practicing, auditioning, and begging* for graduate school in music. I’m finally done. While most people might view this as a perfect opportunity to take a break from extracurricular activities, I completely disagree with this approach and have found innumerable other worthy pursuits. For example, last night […]

On Economy

In the midst of serious declines in the stock market, asset values, and quality of life for many people, there is, I think, at least one silver lining: Americans have woken up and started saving some money!. Even though talking heads tell us that “now is the time when we need to spend to revive […]