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friday headline fun

I love headlines on finance pages, especially this one from 11:45 pm today: Stocks Rise After Better-Than-Expected GDP Report

Stocks rise? Really?? Perhaps “rose” would be a better verb choice, although I admit it doesn’t convey the Breaking News sort of excitement that the present tense “rise” does. And we all need more Breaking […]

Brown v. Coakley

Wow, Massachusetts. Wow. I didn’t know you had it in you to elect an R. As a liberal, it pains me to see health care reform put in question just as it is getting close to resolution. As a conservative, I’m glad to see that a super-majority no longer exists in the Senate. Yes, I […]

NFL Playoff Update

Last week, I correctly predicted one game out of four. This week, I will make up for it:

Safety First

Earthquakes, earthquakes everywhere. Last Thursday I felt some shaking in my office which turned out to have nothing to do with the crazy tenants on the 10th floor and everything to do with a 4.1-magnitude ‘quake centered near Fremont, about 40 miles away. Friday, there was a 3.8, which I did not feel, but still […]

NFL Playoffs 2010

With an hour to spare, here are my predictions for this year’s playoffs. In short, Vikings + Favre = Super Bowl Win.