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Conference Championship

This week’s predictions – and for the record, I don’t actually want the Steelers to win, I just think they will.


One of the most amazing stories I’ve ever read, Zeitoun follows the life of a New Orleans family through Hurricane Katrina and into the terrible aftermath. Without spoiling the plot, I’ll give a brief review.

Things I knew before reading this book:

1) The storm was very strong. 2) The breached levees left the […]

The Seattle Seahawks Won A Playoff Game!

…and here’s hoping they will do it again this week against the Bears!

This week’s predictions:

The Seattle Seahawks Made The Playoffs!!

I realize this news is at least 5 days old, but it still seems headline worthy. The NFL Playoffs start tomorrow, and I have some predictions: I wish I wasn’t predicting the Seahawks to lose, but entering the playoffs with a 7-9 record, either a new QB or an injured QB, and the worst running […]