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You will lose.

(and now your computer has a virus – you’re welcome!)


I used to be a Republican. I know, these days that admission may get me in trouble with one camp on the count of ‘backsliding’ and with another camp for the simple fact that I voted for Bush. (To clarify, I only did so the first time around) Believe me, very few feel more guilty […]

Another Bit Of Pollan

“…the promise of global capitalism, much like the promise of communism before it, ultimately demands an act of faith: that if we permit the destruction of certain things we value here and now we will achieve a greater happiness and prosperity at some unspecified future time.” What things is he talking about? Trust, transparency, community, […]


I’ve started adding photos to this site. They’re here, and also accessible by clicking ‘photos’ at the top of the page.


“In nature health is the default. Most of the time pests and disease are just nature’s way of telling the farmer he’s doing something wrong.” – The Omnivore’s Dilemma. This makes perfect sense to me. So when (and why) did humans switch from living in cooperation with nature to attempting to dominate and control it?