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good herb

yerba buena, an island halfway between oakland and san francisco (some would say halfway between heaven and hell, though which one is the latter is a matter of serious debate) does little besides house the world’s largest bore tunnel (really?) and some high $$$ real estate. today, though, things got crazy on the island. i […]


I had a revelation on my walk home from BART today. The world doesn’t need more technology, or inventions, or even (sadly) more engineering as much as it needs more reasonable, good-hearted, generous people. Technologically, we have the tools to pretty much create whatever life we want for ourselves. Hunger and poverty only continue to […]


I hope this does not turn out like katrina, but I don’t have a good feeling about it.


The beginning of something new is always exciting. Tonight involved the “5-minute install” of wordpress, followed by the “3-hour troubleshooting of plugins” that, truth be told, I probably brought on myself by trying to build this site in one evening. Nevertheless, here it is, a beginning.