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How You Should Vote*

If you live in California like I do, you know that we have an outstanding number of things to vote on this year. (If you don’t, you’re probably enjoying reading this while watching frost form or a nor’easter whip through your neighborhood. On the positive side, at least the value of your home is likely […]


Things I did not know before today:

GEICO = Government Employees Insurance Company. GEICO is owned by Berkshire Hathaway. Warren Buffett made his fortune in investments by (wisely) investing insurance premium money paid mostly by GEICO customers. Berkshire Hathaway’s holdings include Ben Bridge Jewelers, Dairy Queen, Fruit of the Loom, The Pampered Chef, and See’s […]

there’s a special place for israel in heaven…

Finally got around to watching the SNL VP debate. It is amazing!