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Feast or Famine?

Feast: the large stock market rally over the past two weeks, which, according to one friend, signals that “the recession is over.”
Famine: the fact that just before the rally I moved what little I have invested into cash. Luckily, I have a bit of a gambler’s mentality and tend to view blatant losses as “near wins.”

Feast: Apple just reported one of their best quarters ever for both revenue and profit. They sold 5 million iPhones. In 3 months.
Famine: except for the 0.01% of those phones that will be jailbroken, 5m more people will now fork over $1,800 to AT&T over the next couple years for the privilege of using those phones.*

Feast: Alberto Contador, who is cleaning house at the Tour De France this year, won a 25-mile time trial this morning, even though he is supposed to be just a climber.
Famine: The other riders, especially Lance “The Boss” Armstrong, who simply cannot keep up with Contador.

*even knowing this, I still want one.

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