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Weekly Best Reads 005

This week’s list, although a little late, is possibly the best yet:

Stay Out Of Syria! – Powerful, thought-provoking argument against intervention in Syria. (David Bromwich for the New York Review of Books)

If Tesla Would Stop Selling Cars, We’d All Save Some Money – Sure, Tesla makes an awesome (and expensive) car, but it’s not yet making good economic sense. All of its recent profits come not from selling cars, but from selling emissions credits to other car companies. (Patrick Michaels for the Cato Institute)

Company Man – David Sedaris discusses the various pitfalls of having company. (David Sedaris for the New Yorker)

A Cucumber Map Of Europe – An amazing visual examination of history, geography, politics, and language in Europe based simply on mapping the word for cucumber in all its local variants. Did you know about The Greater Cucumber Co-Prosperity Sphere? (Frank Jacobs for Big Think)

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