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Saw this ad on BART tonight, and it reminded of my long-time dream to visit all the destinations I could conceivably travel to nonstop from one airport. Ideally, the airport in question would be SFO, but I think the list of nonstops from SFO would be counted in hundreds, if not thousands. So that will have to be handled another day. But thanks to this advertisement from OAK, my list-forming travel muse has been galvanized into action! Below is a list of destinations, local activities, upcoming weekend round trip cost, and one-way flight time for places you can go from OAK. (upon further research, I’m finding out that this is not a complete list of airports served by OAK. They left off Salinas, Fresno, Sonoma, and many more)

Atlanta – Evidently the world’s largest airport, but I don’t recall ever even flying through here, let alone staying awhile. I would go during peach season, see the MLK national historic site, and check out MARTA. $455, 5 hrs.
Austin – I’ve heard nothing but good things about this town. What’s not to love about a city where “adults read and contribute to blogs more than those in any other U.S. metropolitan area” ? I would love to go to South by Southwest. $362, 3.5 hrs.
Guadalajara – With a population double that of San Francisco, and a booming economy, I’m guessing this would be a happening place. I would see the cathedral and catch a Chivas game, at a minimum. $572, 4 hrs.
Kona – Hawaii. Enough said. $712, 5 hrs.
Los Angeles
Leon – This is a Mexican city of more than 1 million people that I’ve never heard of. It appears to have great churches and archeological areas and great prices on shoes. $738, 3.5 hrs.
Maui – Hawaii again! $490, 5 hrs.
Mexico City – I can’t seem to find a nonstop from Oakland to Mexico City. I think this one might be false advertising.
New York
Orange County – I’d go to beach towns and maybe visit Mission San Juan Capistrano. $179, 1 hr.
San Diego
Terceira – ?? This is an island off Portugal, definitely not served by a scheduled nonstop from Oakland.
Washington DC
Zacatecas – Doesn’t appear to be a current nonstop destination.
Albuquerque – I would ride the Sandia Peak Tramway or try to see White Sands National Monument. $282, 2 hrs.
Bellingham – Yes, there is a nonstop from Oakland to Bellingham, via the sketchy website of Allegiant Air. It didn’t even show up on Kayak, and it’s very, very cheap. But, once you’re there, I guess it doesn’t matter how you got there because you can go to Lake Whatcom, Chuckanut, or just hang out by the bay. Have I mentioned that I love this town? $115, 2 hrs.
Boise – Boise has the 2nd largest Basque community in the U.S (Bakersfield, CA has the largest). I would pick Boise over Bakersfield any day. $275, 1.5 hrs.
Denver – $275, 2.5 hrs.
Eugene – Another nonstop brought to you by Allegiant Air. I can’t figure out what that airline is about, but their fares are outstanding! $55! 1.5 hrs.
Houston – I’d ride the METRORail, see the Space Center, and visit the Rothko chapel, $471, 4 hrs.
Kansas City – According to wikitravel, KC boasts more fountains than any other city in the world except Rome. Sounds nice. $555, 3.5 hrs.
Las Vegas
Long Beach
Salt Lake City

3 comments to Nonstop

  • Teachiro

    This is an awesome list (maybe we can join you for some of these trips). I’m in Boise right now, so I’ll have to keep my eye out for some Basque folk. Maybe they are hanging out at Basque ‘n Robbins.

  • Joel

    hope you guys can join! bellingham, sometime? i was fascinated to see the nonstop there. did you come across anybody basqueing in the sun in boise?

  • sara

    Clearly, you only get to go shopping in Leon if you take H. with you. 🙂 Also: Austin, indoubitably.